Electrical engineers play a vital role in every organization. They are responsible for looking after all the electrical equipment in the company. They not only look after the equipment but also design different communication and broadcast equipment. There were a total of 3,880 electrical engineers employed in the state of Illinois as per BLS in 2021.

Electrical Engineering in Chicago – An Insight

Below is a little insight into the profession of electrical engineering.

Education Required A bachelor’s degree is the minimum educational requirement.
Training Required Depends on the job requirements
Key Skills Excellent knowledge about electrical systems and equipment, Quick thinking, Patience, etc.
Job Growth – Illinois (2018 – 2028) 2%
Average Mean Salary – US (2021) $107,890 per year
Average Mean Salary – Illinois (2021) $100,190 per year

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2021) and O*Net Online

Steps to Become an Electrical Engineer in Chicago

If you want to become an electrical engineering in Chicago, there are some mandatory steps you have to complete before working as one.

  1. Complete the Required Education

The initial step is to get the education needed to become a professional electrical engineer. In Chicago, the minimum educational requirement is a bachelor’s degree. However, since the competition is growing, a lot of employers now prefer candidates with a master’s degree at least. These programs should be accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc (ABET).

  1. Apply for a Job

Once the educational requirements are met, you can start applying for a job. Make sure you read the prerequisites and requirements of the position you are applying for carefully so that there are no issues with the application process.

  1. Pass a Written Examination

A lot of professional organizations in the US offer professional certification programs to electrical engineers to help in their development. These programs will also help you keep updated about the latest regulations and advancements in the field.

Salary Prospects of Electrical Engineers in Chicago

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2021) figures stated that electrical engineers working in Illinois made a mean annual salary of $100,190. The corresponding national income for electrical engineers in 2021 was $107,890.

Here is a list of the five top paying states for electrical engineers in Illinois in 2021.

Salary Prospects of Electrical Engineers in Chicago

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job Prospects of Electrical Engineers in Chicago

O*Net Online predicts a job growth of 2% for electrical engineers in Illinois from 202 to 2030.

Below is a list of the US states with the highest employment level for electrical engineers in 2021.

Job Prospects of Electrical Engineers in Chicago

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Best Electrical Engineering Schools in Chicago

If you want to attend an electrical engineering school in Chicago, then there are a lot of excellent options available. The city is home to some very famous and reputable engineering schools. Some of them are:

  • Northwestern University.
  • University of Illinois at Chicago.
  • Purdue University Northwest.
  • Illinois Institute of Technology.